Mustapha Ashraf: Blue Mirror

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Photo: Ahmed Khattab

It all started with me staring to that blue mirror at “ Awlad Abu Nassir” restaurant, when I was just back from Alexandria, after my trip that lasted for 1 night, then back to Cairo, I was staring to the mirror trying to find out the actual color of my eyes in the night, and with such a colored mirror, its really hard to find out what is the actual color, but then I sailed away thinking of my current situation, how financially hard it is, how is my soon and far future gonna be, and how I will manage to get things together, and the only thought that caught me at that point, is that Egyptian myth that my grand ma’ used to repeat over and over, “ staring to the mirror going to make you mad” and I was wondering is that what they meant with that myth, as staring to mirrors, take you so deep into thinking, that people passing by going to think “ He is just another mad man”, especially with a blue mirror, it’s totally another thing, only beach boys would understand.

I looked away from the mirror back to my dish, Koshary with Sausages on, mmmmmm delicious, especially after a long trip, like the one I’m just done with, but it caught my eyes that huge man, with the huge belly, with that dark skin, with those beautiful lines the sun draw on his face in a natural free styling bohemian way. To leave him behind as an artistic perfect master piece of an Egyptian 55 years old man.

He was kind of staring back but, oh ya! I always get stared at, for the way I dress, style and look like, but I was scared it’s another Deeja vu of mine, I started to focus in order to remember how the hell I know this man, then SPLASH!!!! White lights around and I remember everything!

That day, oh!, what a day, a day that all Egyptians, Arabs and I can say a huge part of the universal population. Waiting, hold their breath for the turtle man in the radio “ any one was around or watching TV or listening radio, would relate why I called him turtle”, to announce the result, I think it was the hardest result for every and each Egyptian individually, it was harder than waiting for the announcement of my high school result, or if your next baby would be a boy or a girl, harder than the medical operation was done successfully or it failed, harder even than waiting in line to see if you could get a VISA to Italy to get out of that inferno name Egypt or not, weather you are this or that, I believe it was harder than all of that, it was the announcement of the name of the next KING if Egypt, after a revolution that wasn’t a revolution for a huge part of the society,  other thought it was a dream but some hiding powers stole it, others was against it, as they had a way better life before it. Followed by a year and a half of the worse moments of confusion Egyptian nation ever had “ I believe it was harder than that moment back in the days when they were counting down for the first warrior of the Mongols going to cross Cairo’s gate ( not the one by desert high way at smart village for sure)”

And after all that, it’s the time to choose between the bad and the worse, and to wait in vein to hear who won it, was it the bad or the worst.

So here it comes that moment, and turtle man in the radio said it out loud, Mursi! Then it is! Its Mursi, for me It would make more sense if he spit it out loud with that style of the WWE when the caster state with a deep voice the name of the next fighter as for our case it would be more like “ And the Winner is Muuuuuurrrrrrsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” that would make more sense, as it would fit with that hypocritically disgustingly sarcastic show, a show we been living for a year and a half, of military trials, police violence and abuse, childish games between political parties and even worse pulling hair style and cat fights between political activists, TV shows that brought nothing but bad news  and totally against each other which made simple Egyptian is confused between political opinions as a five years old confused to Astrophysics and the list is long.

But to make the long story short, when we knew who was it, I had a wet eyes, not because of happiness or sadness, or because Cairo air is sandy and smoky, it was because, finally after a year and half, I could see that amount of people are happy and jumping in the air hugging each other and smiling, even I wasn’t optimistic about the situation at all, or what is gonna happen when Mursi  gets in charge but I couldn’t push that huge man, with that big belly and pure Egyptian wrinkles, so I just hugged him and started to jump in the air and cry, as a random non educated or simple Egyptian who is not aware of what’s going on.

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