Zina El Nahel: We are continuing…

Posted on July 23, 2012 by

Photo:  Marwa Abbass

After a year and a half full of news -good and bad- full of excitements in a city that never sleeps here comes a long siesta of the Revolution. People are busy with their daily problems. There is a lack of electricity, water, fuel and a lack of security on the streets. Those tiny problems that, when added together, turn your life into a complete mess and the streets to a circus.A burden to carry and to live with every single day waiting for any action any decision or law by the government to make life a bit easier. I believe one of our duties beside working as hard as possible everyone in his own field is to be watching our governments forcing them to obey our orders and to stay on the right track. Morsimeter was one of these initiatives an attempt to monitor the performance of the recently elected president Mohamed Morsi by documenting what have been achieved as opposed to his promises. 23 days have passed with 0 achievements from the 64 promises he promised us. I know some might tell me its hard for him because he doesn’t have all the authorities. SCAF is the one who is still ruling.I believe part of this is right but I also think that he is the elected one and we will judge him not SCAF.

If he wanted to have this job under these circumstances he knew before then he has to be strong enough and responsible enough for it. 23 days have passed without even being able to create a new government is for me a total failure.People might be tired now from everything the hot weather everyday disasters but they will not wait forever. The anger accumulates until one day its not bearable anymore and he will be the face they will remember when its too much and the one they will want to change. In 77 days exactly they will be asking you what have you achieved president Morsi.

One thing I am sure of is that this revolution might not have freed our country yet but it did free many brains.Those brains will be the ones who will be asking for their rights in 2 and a half months and no excuses will be accepted this time. I am not expecting all promises to be fulfilled in 100 days but at least some. To even start working on them make us feel any difference the slightest difference will make us happy and give us hope. Use the enthusiasm of the youth and the human resources god has blessed this country with make people unite again for this country in an organized way to fulfill the demands of the revolution. Don’t waste all this time fighting this cold war with SCAF.

Don’t make us feel that the Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF are using us as chess bricks everyone to fulfill his own goals.At the end the winner will be the one who stood with his own people and helped them achieve their dreams not the one who played for himself. At last I believe to achieve anything we should keep putting pressure on both SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood to get the maximum out of both.

So SCAF and MB we are watching you never be fooled by the silence of the lambs soon it will become a deafening roar if nothing changes!


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