Kristin Jankowski: Their disgusting business as usual

Posted on September 19, 2012 by

For some people it is just a bizarre Video, for others just a funny cartoon. For me it is not just an embarrassment. For me it is one thing: Psychological Warfare. Since 9/11 it seems that the world is divided into the so called civilized western world with McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Guantanamo and Monsanto. And into the so called arab world with bearded terrorists, MK47 and Fundamentalism. This division is not just getting on my nerves, it is not just pissing me off. I find it dangerous. Very dangerous. And for me, a young woman from the western world living in egypt, it is time to shout out loudly: “ It is enough now !”  I don’t want to get brainwashed by the western hate-media anymore. I don’t want to believe your lies about 9/11, the muslims, the arab world and the differences between “us” and “them”.

I don’t want to be their victim of their psychological warfare. In the last days I was almost vomiting when I have read the german media coverage about the protests in front of the embassies. It was full of lies and arrogance. And it continues. And I still feel sick. I am wondering why nobody is pointing at the journalists who are responsible for spreading  hatred around the world. They are nothing more than criminals in my eyes. Dangerous criminals. And actually someone should send them in jail. With George W.Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, the tortures in the black jails, the guys who are making tons of billions of dollars with drug trafficking in Afghanistan. The criminals in the banks , the insurance companies and the oil companies.  All these people who are earning a lot of money with the misery of others. The governments who are covering up human rights abuses in the name of the  “War on Terror”. The guys who are trying to sell us their lies, the guys who have declared a psychological war against their own people.

Yes, I guess these guys are in war against us. They want to destroy us, they want us to hate each other. They want us to be stupid and they want to disconnected us from each other.  They are the ones who are dividing the people on our planet in “us” and “them”. I don’t feel better, just because I have white skin. I don’t feel better just because I am coming from the western world. I don’t even see anymore, that my friends in Egypt have another skin color than me. I don’t even feel, that they are different than me. Even if they believe in another god or even if they speak another language. So what ? I feel ashamed that the western world is laughing about the muslims these days. I feel ashamed that they are full of arrogance, provocation and intolerance. I feel ashamed that they put every single muslim in one big basket.

I feel ashamed that they can’t stop it. And they won’t stop.  They have reached a high level of insanity. And they are covering up themselves. Keeping up their big game. Their entertainment.  And if we follow their rules, if we hate and if we are pointing with the finger at each other – then they can continue  their disgusting business as usual.  And their own war on terror.

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