Fritz Edlinger: Israel on the way to liquidate the Palestinian aspirations

Posted on September 23, 2012 by

Photo: Alexander Krall

Israel is taking advantage of the international and regional situation and is on the best way to liquidate the Palestinian aspirations to finally establish their independent state at least in the Westbank, Gaza and East-Jerusalem/Al Quds as its capital. The election-campaign in the US, the civil-war in Syria, which unfortunately draws most of the political and financial attention of the Gulf-States, and especially the „Iran-crisis“ creates a perfect chance for the ultra-right Israeli government to settle the Palestinian question in their way.

The number of illegal settlements (it would be more accurate to call them „colonies“ and not to forget, that all settlements in the Westbank are illegal according to international law) is permanently growing. At present there is almost half a million Israelis living in Westbank and East-Jerusalem, the number of „legal“ settlements is about 120 and the number of „illegal“ is 100. It is a special Israeli joke to differentiate between legal and illegal settlements, since even the so-called illegal ones receive heavy financial support by the Israeli Government and massive military protection.

There is a clear evidence, that Israel intends to continue and even increase their settlement-activities, continuously ignoring international law and an endless number of UN- and similar resolutions. The most autoritative assessment on the settlements was the opinion of the International Court of Justice 2004, which cleary stated that all Israeli settlements in the territories occupied by Israel in 1967 are illegal and have to be evacuated. In that context it is another Israelis provocation, that a commission of the Israeli Government (Levy commission) declared a few weeks ago all settlements legal. Primeminister Benjamin Netanjahu and most of his ministers, especially the well-known Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, welcomed this report, since this gives them a kind of legal cover for their intentions to continue their policy of land-stealing.

The Two-State-Solution is gone!

There is a clear consequence of this policy: The Two-State-Solution is gone for ever. There is a growing number of experts and oberservers, even in Israel, who are convinced that the number and size of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land make the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian State impossible. In that context there is one important political aspect, which shouldn’t be ignored: The responsibility for this success of illegal and aggressive Israeli/Zionist policy is clearly with the USA, which supports Israel with all their means, and the EU, which finally accepts this activities without any serious complaint. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict demonstrates the double-standards of Western policy, especially in the Middle East. This shouldn’t be forgotten, especially under the given regional circumstances.

Fritz Edlinger, secretary general of the Society for Austro-Arab Relations