Zina El Nahel: Kindergarten style

Posted on October 20, 2012 by

Photo: Marwa Abbass
Watching the constitution debates between the 3 parties lately the liberals, MB and Salafists is like watching two parents getting a divorce because they can’t agree on a name they want to call their coming newborn that was not even born yet.
Instead of trying to create a bearable atmosphere for the newborn that is trying to find its way to the light they are trying to prove themselves right. Just a matter of revenge a feeling that I was totally neglected the last 30 years so I want to be seen now. I want to talk and everybody has to listen I want to force others to do what I believe is right because I was not allowed to be myself in the past.

I am not talking about a specific type of people here I am talking about everyone including my own self sometimes. We have all lived in Mubarak’s dictatorship suffered from similar injustices of course some suffered more than the others but we ended up all acting like children with similar psychological complexes. The way I see how we all act these days can be summarized in one word: CHILDISH.
We moved from talking about how to realize the great demands of the Revolution “Bread,Freedom,Justice” to talking about is it an Islamic country or a Muslim Brotherhood country or a liberal country do we want to relate to Sharia or we want only to have the basics of Sharia or mainly depend on Sharia. Is there a comma in this sentence or a dot in this article of the constitution because if this is a dot then I totally disagree.
And if I disagree with you I go throw you with rocks and attack you verbally this is what the MB did last Friday when some people protested against Morsi and tried to express themselves .But also the Liberals became childish whenever Morsi does or acts or says anything they disagree without even thinking about it or having a second look. It’s just because whatever anyone of the MB is going to say or do is definitely going to be wrong.
I don’t think this Kindergarten is going to get us anywhere. We can keep on fighting for years what we should call this country about each and every word in the constitution but at the end a constitution consists of words and whatever those words are is totally nonsense if we can’t accept each other first. People on the streets don’t give a shit about an Islamic country or a liberal country that does not provide them with what they need to survive this hard life.

I wish we could just move from the words to the actions from the promises to the real work. Just leave the stupid forms and move to the formless to the essential and real things. And keep in mind no one can go ahead without the others no one can build this country alone and whoever has the majority today will have the minority tomorrow. Has always been like this and will always be so act smart because those you oppress today might be the leaders of tomorrow.