Jawaher Al Sudairy and Timo Von Gunten: Eastern Winds

Posted on October 31, 2012 by

Throughout 2011, a rhythmic chant echoed across the Arab lands, as young protesters called for government reform, economic opportunity and political freedom. This wave of demonstrations skipped borders with ease, carried in newspapers and magazines, on Twitter and Facebook, and the airwaves of al Jazeera and al Arabiya. These events came to be known as the Arab Awakening.

«Eastern Winds» is a visual dance journey giving voice and color to the political and social struggles that took place across Arab countries during the 2011 revolutions and beyond.

 Watch the Trailer here: Eastern Winds


This very unique dance documentary was produced during less than a week in New York City. Merging adaptations of modern dance, aerial silk performances and circus arts to offer a visual expression of political upheaval. «Eastern Winds» is a film initiated by Jawaher Al Sudairy and Timo von Gunten. As their first collaboration this ambitious project shows the outcome of two inspiring artists with different culture and background. This diversity of ideas during the process of improvisation has been very inspiring throughout the entire production.