Hanibaael Naim: Face off with political Islam

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Now political Islam is sitting on the throne of power in Tunisia and Egypt and this represents a threat to freedoms and human rights.

Today it seems civilians, secularists, leftists, liberals and others are scattered and lost. They are not an organized force, but scattered groups, with incoherent rhetoric and lack of vision, and most of them are stuck in the seventies of the last century. This fact does not make them leaders of communities.

An anti-Islamization poster in Cairo – Egypt

An anti-Islamization poster in Cairo – Egypt

While on the other hand the Islamists are working to organize themselves, to develop their abilities, and develop their own vision which helped to expand their popularity even in environments that are more secular, such as Tunisia and Egypt. The presence always in the ranks of the opposition, made them popular heros. Known Islamists also exploit the margin of freedom in terms of social work and this is what has helped them achieve more Islamization of society, and penetration. So today highlights the Islamists are the most organized force, with popularity in the Arab world. They are the force that can no longer be avoided, socially, or politically, and access to power is not only a reflection of the size of the hinterland within communities.Is a historic moment experienced by the region. This is the first time where the Islamic slogan “Islam is the solution” faces a real test, and also is an opportunity for all the forces which oppose religious rule to move to the last phase, on the intellectual level, and provide a visionary, and regulatory framework.

This requires, above all, to recognize that historically the opposition has failed, and that most of the ideas carried by now are no longer useful, in addition to the organizational form and the tools used and we must reconsider them.

This is an opportunity for all secular forces to use the springboard of the uprisings to crystallize intellectual and organisational frameworks and carry the vision by which they can address any potential dictatorship, and lay the foundations for a new culture in the different circumstances in which society is passing. There is an inevitable battle between Islam and political freedom. The movement against Islamization, which is still young, and that started in Tunisia and Egypt, is only the beginning. Prepare!

Translated by Tahrir ICN Team.

The Arabic version of this article – Published in An-nahar newspaper and in ASC

Hanebaael Naim is a renowned Lebanese activist & writer