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Zina El Nahel: The grey hair revolution !

December 18, 2012 by


Whenever I open the TV I see Hamdin,Baradei,Abo el Fottuh,Amr Moussa and the rest of the white or grey hair politicians talking in the name of the revolutionaries.Then I turn to another channel I find Khairat el Shater ,Morsi ,Badie and the rest of the MB gang also talking in the name of the revolution.I […]

Marie – Jeanne Berger: Revolutionary Art Rises from Downtown Cairo Streets

December 17, 2012 by


“I feel lucky that I as an artist haven’t been persecuted during the time of Mubarak,” says Egyptian cartoonist Makhlouf. “Not like [assassinated Palestinian cartoonist] Naji al-Ali, or [imprisoned and released illustrator] Essam Hanafi. But I also think that if it happened, it means you are stronger than them. I’ll die anyways. If I die […]

Kristin Jankowski: And the bloody T-Shirt in his hands

December 12, 2012 by


It was his bloody T-Shirt. The white T-Shirt that he was holding in his hands. It was his bloody T-Shirt that caught my attention. I was not able to look away. He held it in his hands, like a child who has a new toy and doesn’t want to give it to his friends. He […]