Zina El Nahel: The grey hair revolution !

Posted on December 18, 2012 by

Whenever I open the TV I see Hamdin,Baradei,Abo el Fottuh,Amr Moussa and the rest of the white or grey hair politicians talking in the name of the revolutionaries.Then I turn to another channel I find Khairat el Shater ,Morsi ,Badie and the rest of the MB gang also talking in the name of the revolution.I close the TV and remember the faces of the martyrs all the young men and women mostly teens or in their twenties who died while those old politicians were too arrogant to unite.

How come the Arab spring turned into this autumn or winter we are witnessing now you ask yourself?

Well look at who is running the country and doing politics these days and you will get to understand why.

I believe with old age comes stubbornness and slow motion reactions and decisions we are witnessing now.This is nature and no one can avoid it.Imagine those meetings that have been held in the last months being organized by the young MB members in their thirties and the opposition also same age.

I believe there would have been greater outputs more flexibility in finding a solution and a way out of this disaster we are heading to.

The opposition parties and the ruling party both are not representing me anymore.I see them having a big war of the EGOS each thinking of power and personal achievements forgetting the main goals of the revolution.

I wish they could all step down work in advising or training the younger generations to lead if they really love this country.

A country whose biggest part of the population is under 30 years is being lead by some old ideas and decision makers will not survive long.

Our dreams are faster than your decisions dear politicians who speak and decide for us.Its not your future we are talking about here its our future.

So I wish you could leave us decide for ourselves.

Mubarak was not a person for me he was a concept.The concept of everything old of this paternal model ,I am the older one I know whats best for you this whole concept should be changed now. It’s time to respect young minds because thanks to the internet they might have gained ten times more information and knowledge than you have gained in your whole lives.

So all I am saying here is give them a chance.A chance to change and a good advice would be worth much more than you working in politics talking in their names and deciding for them how their future should look like!