Ahmed Khalifa: Egypt 2013 – Street Clashes instead of Anniversary

Posted on January 28, 2013 by


Ahmed Khalifa, 35, is an Egyptian-German political scientist and photo-journalist. He teaches at the University Witten-Herdecke about the transformation in Egypt. He also works as a researcher at the BICC, Bonn International Center for Conversion.

Since four days, riots and street clashes have erupted in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and Suez and in other cities of Egypt. The youth are not in the mood to celebrate the second anniversary of the so-called 25th of January 2011 Revolution; instead they have decided to continue their fights against the current regime.

The protesters – whom I have witnessed in the street clashes – are peer groups of teenagers and young men, who have a high level of frustration and aggression against the government of Mohamed Morsi. There are a number of social groups, who have an organizational structure like the Ultras football fans and the new-formed Black Bloc, but many other peer groups do not have a political background



                Protesters clashing with police forces near the parliament


                                                 Burning school at Yousef AlGuindi Street near Tahrir Square 2013


                                                                        Street fights near the Egyptian parliament


                                                                                         Tahrir Square on the 25th of January 2013




                                                                                   Tahrir youth after two years of revolts


Young protesters sitting on the wall near Mohamed Mahmoud Street and watching the street fights