Zina El Nahel: The city of lies

Posted on February 5, 2013 by

Photo: Ahmed Khalifa

How similar is today to yesterday and how many lies should we bear in order for them to understand that lying is the main cause of the downfall of any dictator.
“Mohamed El-Gendy, who was arrested at a protest in Tahrir Square on 27 January, dies on Monday from severe brain injuries allegedly caused by police torture”.Al-Ahram
Then hours later they tell you it was a car accident .I was expecting something like he swallowed drugs but looks like this time they didn’t have enough imagination like they had at the times of khaled said.
Seeing all those scars and torture signs on his body and still you have to deny what your eyes see.
Hamada Sabry the man who was stripped by the policemen and beaten in a savage and brutal way .But the worse is not even the scene itself which reminded us of the woman who was stripped last year by the army, but them making him confess that he was beaten by the protestors not by the police and that the policemen were trying to help him wear his clothes back on.
If it was his need for money or his fear who made Hamada come up with this story both cases make me want to vomit .You don’t just lie yourselves you force us to lie as well.
What should we tell ourselves too? Should we pretend to be happy? To be free? To be equal? To be satisfied with what we have? Pretend to have good education good health care great jobs……etc? Should we build this city of lies live in it and by time we will not even recognize the differences between our lies and the truth?
You know what, it’s good to pretend and believe those lies because at least you will have a peaceful conscience you will have an explanation for everything and you can sleep at night without feeling any guilt. But if we one day wake up and find a beloved one being treated like Hamada Sabry or Mohamed El Gendy what shall we do?
Lies are not eternal and one day you will be slapped on the face by the truth.So it’s better to deal with it now before it’s too late.
The lies of the ministry of interior indicate that there is no intention at all of changing their methods.You can not change something unless you admit it exists.
Dear Morsi, you might not be in control yet of your policemen or the ministry of interior but for sure you are in control of yourself .You can go yourself search for the truth and when you find it face us with it. At least we would respect you somehow but if you keep on doing the same as Mubarak did, being isolated from reality you will wake up one day and find yourself back in prison. It’s better to give no excuse than a bad one. Mubarak’s problem was that he underestimated the intelligence of his population his lies would not be even believed by a kid in kindergarten.This way of treating others as if they have got no brains is what pisses them off.Before khaled said there were thousands of people who were tortured to death but khaled said’s case was special because of this huge amount of lies that surrounded the case.
Lying is a way of life for you and your government now change this choose the path of truth the path of real islam “…the curse of Allah be on him if he is one of the liars.”(Surah an-Nūr 24:8).