Zina El Nahel: The Faded Dream

Posted on February 12, 2013 by

Photo; David Degner

Two years ago 11/2/2011 was the day we all touched a dream.
I remember going out the day after like all Egyptians did with a bucket of paint and a brush with a broom cleaning and decorating the streets.
As if we were trying to color our dreams and clean the past, make it fade away.
Painting a new page of democracy we thought we have reached.
In my diary I wrote those cheesy words that day:
“Today I felt like I was flying my feet didn’t touch the ground. Everyone looks much lighter, happier as they got rid of this burden this fear that accompanied them for more than 60 years. We feel like we own the streets after the 30 years of slavery in Mubarak’s land. At last we have reached democracy.”
When I read these words now I smile like an old man who laughs about the craziness and naivety of his younger days. The euphoria we felt made us forget any obstacles and we just felt the joy of freedom. Somehow we only saw the good in each other like falling in love for the first time. This naivety of seeing only the good side of each and everything around you. This utopia of the Tahrir square the place of freedom where no sexual harassment no theft would occur where people were only brothers united forgetting all their ideologies, differences and social classes.
Sometimes I wonder why? why did we get the chance to witness all this and then everything was taken away again from us so fast.
Well if you want something you have to earn it nothing is easy to get in this world especially if it’s something that precious like freedom.
How come did we expect to live this beautiful dream by only scarifying 18 days of our lives?
Did we really think we were in a movie or something where happy endings happen after 2 hours?
What happened was a small short movie a sign to show you that if you work so hard, united not self -centered like you did in those 18 days you could reach that state again maybe in 18 years but you will definitely get there. It’s only a matter of time and effort.
I can sense that a lot of people are losing faith in democracy day after day, some even miss Mubarak’s days but I do think that Democracy is the only way out.
A dictatorship is an unsustainable project by time it fails and history has proven it to us a thousand times but we tend to forget.
Believe, work hard, have patience and always remember that feeling you had on the 11th of February 2011, it will give you the strength to carry on.
The ones who have tasted freedom can never be enslaved again.