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“Syria Inside-The Revolution Movie made by Syrians will be a sarcastic comedy show!”

„Mr. President, 97% elected you, what else can you want? – I want to know the names of the missing 3 %.“


With hilarious jokes like this one the Malas Twins, two Syrian comedians, introduce the western public to the all day reality in a dictatorship. The one that is still in power in Syria. A 120 minute cinema movie, unique and coming from a country that still does not exist: The free Syria.

While the western medias focused on blood, sweat and tears the Syrian freedom activists started to produce many creative web shows and fantastic media artwork. Humour became a weapon against the almighty state-TV brainwash. Now the essential and best of it has been put together to a sort of sarcastic quiz show addressing an english speaking public outside Syira in a full length cinema production. A big point was the idea to let Syriens themself express their feelings by using a western cineastic language.


The production’s history says it all: In 2011 Syrian activist and theatre director Tamer AlAwam joint with the German filmproduction company Filmbit to produce a genuine Syrian movie covering the revolution in the country from an inside angle, but addressing an international public, not only the Arab world. After nearly half of all takes were already recorded Tamer was killed while filming in Aleppo in the North of Syria by shellings from regime troops. The project seemed crumbled to the ground. But finally another Syrian coproducer stepped in to continue the project – a symptomatic issue in the Syrian revolution. You can kill people but not ideas.

So the script was rewritten by German film producer Jan Heilig to adjust it to the new main actors, the Malas Twins, already famous in the Syrian revolution but little known by the rest of the world.


The film will be presented in a new technology: The Syrian 3D, still a production secret, but seems to be more behind than just a joke…

The film shall be presented at Toronto film festival in September 2013. Already yet it is visible that this might become a unique historical film-event, on one side very cynical but as well beautiful and funny to make laugh and cry the same time. Follow the project at Facebook.com/SyriaInside, some first production videos are already online.

The question remains open – What will be first? The film on cinema screens or the revolution winning in Syria….who knows?

 We were targeting the presentation of this film at the Montreal film festival in September 2013, but the challenge is hard, as the deadline is 2 weeks after the end of this Kickstarter campaign. Help us to make it happen.

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Jan Heilig – co-producer / co-director

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