The Arab Spring Collective is a network of writers, photographers, video-makers, bloggers and activists throughout the Arab countries.

The ASC emerged as a real as  well as a virtual network of young writers during the Egyptian revolution and the subsequent protests on Tahrir square.

Throughout the first post-revolutionary year, writers from the entire Arab world and Europe joined in, either physically or electronically. Now the ASC became an informal network of media professionals from Morocco to Yemen.

ASC members write and shoot for the blog and entertain relations in order to shed light and understanding into the ongoing political and social processes in the Arab world and in order to develop alternative and critical visions for the newly politicised Arab youth.

The ASC network is independent: it is not affiliated to any institution (not even the original Goethe Institut), it is not led by a team of a unique nationality (the most active members live in MENA countries and are of diverse origins), nor by a linguistically defined group (working languages are Arabic, English and German and almost the majority of active members are bi- or trilingual.)

The ASC comprises writers, photographers, videastes, editors, translators, scientists, media professionals, blogging NGO activists. from the following countries:

MENA: Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain,  Sudan, UAE;

Europe: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, France, Slovakia, US.

The overall aim of the an alternative media project Arab Spring Collective is to support freedom of expression, monitor democratic change, provide support for journalists, consolidate and expand a Mediterranean network, a build up mutual understanding between cultures.

These objectives will be pursued by: a web magazine, networking and a digital news hub.

The ASC currently seeks to develop a more tangible structure.




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  1. why you have no partner, activists from morocco: there’s very dynamic bolggers network



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